Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blogosphere: Freedom of expression, Code of Conduct and the middle way

Sorry for not keeping up posting as it’s been long time I’ve been to the Kitlee…

Last fifteen days has been one of the most volatile periods for Blogosphere. The case in point is of Kathy Sierra's revelation of her being targeted by violent and disturbing anonymous comments on her blog and on weblogs purposely created for cyber-bullying and firestorm rose aftermath. The issue has been clam down with a joint statement from Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke1.

Obviously the issue is of serious nature and actions should be taken in order stop reappearance of any such kind of incidence again. This issue has prompted many prominent bloggers to debate about having "Blogger's Code of Conduct" and “Having a Comments Policy”. Famous blogger Mr. O’Reilly has come up with a draft of Blogger’s Code of Conduct2 and many others blogs are debating and discussing having full-fledged code of conduct or to just part away having Comments Policy3.

The point which I want to drive is that we, the people have to live with this kind of circumstances now and more in future. In this wired ‘n’ weird world, extremities exist simultaneously and are driving people crazy. The new avatar of Word Wide Web (WWW) termed as Web 2.0 has brought many benefits along with many surprising and unexpected vices. And above stated incidence can provide some insight of the dynamics of this wired ‘n’ weird world. You’ve to live with and balance, order in chaos and chaos in order. The Blogosphere is taught of as one of the most efficient tools for having freedom of expression, productive and rational debate but some bitter experiences had evolved along with it. Now the situation is of having a debate between the ‘decency in Blogosphere’ against ‘freedom of Speech’. Nobody knows whether the commentators were regular bloggers or some anonymous urchin, but the damage was done.

You can find many such extremities prevailing in the world and more such are in the making as we enter the exponential era of Moore’s law and Web 3.0. More responsibilities will be conferred upon individuals and higher level of maturity will be expected.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Its all about Attitude and Commitment

On Sundays, I used to frequently visit, a roadside tea vendor – more popularly known here as KITLEE –near the renowned institution for management education – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. One fine Sunday morning, as usual I went there to have a cup of tea. And there was a little different scène. Instead of one, there were now two tea stalls. Another makeshift shop had come up on the other side of the road due to some reason, owned by the same vendor having shop on the opposite side. A young boy, who would be of around 12-14 years, was handling this shop, while the main shop was still there with the same vendor.

Without much thought and just out of sheer curiosity, I walked over to the new kitlee and sipped the aromatic contents from a rather ordinary cup. After which, I fumbled for some change to be pay to that boy, when he asked me to come over to his shop every time I visit the place. I just stared at his innocent face and wondered what he meant. To which he elaborated that, now he is competing with the main shop and he desires to generate more revenue than the guy right opposite him.

I was amazed. A boy who has hardly got any education, talks about competition and revenue generation at the age of 12 and that too against the owner who was in the business for past 15 or more years. It just forced me to think, that I, after completing my formal school education, am standing in front of a 12 year old boy from humble background who is talking to me about revenue and competition, forget talking who is actually implementing it.

I just looked upon the buildings of IIMA with strange and mixed feelings. I was wondering, is it the power of the environment in which the boy works and his attitude and capability, which has brought in him the real entrepreneurial skills. The boy may not understand the details of management but he has definitely grasped the essentials.

This incident strengthened my belief that it is all about attitude, and mindset of an individual that matters. In addition, if proper environment is provided such individuals can come out with most amazing results.

Someone has rightly said – "Hire attitude, train skills". "If you can just hire the right people at the outset and pepper them with right corporate culture, you are going to turn out a lot of entrepreneurs".

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I welcome all the persons to the blog. This blog is about being yourself. It is all about attitude. Its all about wired-n-weird world.